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Vibrant Energy for Maximum Resilience

Bounce Back to Life, Work, Productivity and Optimism

A dynamic, informative and potentially life-changing session to tap into your well of energy
so you can thrive and not just survive.


This upbeat training session focuses on the topical issue of why so many people are struggling to find the morale, motivation and enthusiasm they had before Covid.

We’ll identify food choices to put gas in your tank, stabilise mood and improve sleep. And you’ll learn the key principles underlying great Emotional Health so you can be as resilient as possible during these challenging times. It’s about mind and body.

By the end of the session you will have an armoury of simple but effective practical strategies you can put to immediate use.


The Problem

At this time of global uncertainty it is easy to start experiencing profound emotional challenges. This isn’t about deep mental health problems such as bipolar or schizophrenia, it’s about anxiety over your health and the economy, disconnect from your systems and routines, and demotivation caused by lack of control.

Have we really adapted to working from home, or does it feel more like we’re now living at work? Are our children getting the education and social contact they need or are we fearful about the who-knows-what consequences for them down the line? Will our jobs be safe, and even if they are, will they be the same?

We need to generate the positive energy to move forward, make progress and find new opportunities.


Combining emotional wellbeing with smart nutritional advice to achieve optimum performance


    This session explores how we obtain our energy and natural resilience, and the crucial role that Emotional Health plays in our wellbeing.


    If some people always seem to bounce back whatever life throws at them, it’s because they have what we call Vibrant Energy for Maximum Resilience.

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    Energy is the power to propel yourself through the day and apply your physical and emotional resources to whatever challenges you face.


    Resilience is about not being overwhelmed by the inevitable failures, setbacks and disappointments that life sends our way from time to time.


Benefits of the training

  • Easy ideas you can put into practice immediately
  • Confidence and clarity around diet
  • Enhanced emotional wellbeing
  • A happier workforce
  • A more energetic, more resilient workplace
  • Strategies for sustainable improvement


Three steps to Vibrant Energy for Maximum Resilience

Step One

Kate sets out the Rules of Food to achieve sparkling, consistent energy, and looks at why we have become so confused about the rights and wrongs of what to eat. (20mins)

Step Two

Jon looks at Emotional Needs to understand how to be emotionally healthy: the capacity to be resourceful, fair and forgiving so you can absorb the demands of the “new normal”, make good decisions and work productively.

Step Three


7:11 breathing, a brilliant calming technique


What makes the best breakfast? Balancing energy for the perfect start to the day.


A virtual training session in webinar format. Available live or recorded, with an optional live Q&A session at the end.

In the future we hope to be offering this session face to face at your workplace or in a suitable venue. Sign up to keep updated!


60 - 90 minutes, depending on your requirements.


Jon Bockelmann-Evans and Kate Cook have more than 40 years of clinical and training experience between them. They have worked with leaders and employees of UK and global clients including Nike, Bank of England, Merck Pharmaceuticals, RBS, EE and many, many others, helping them be at their very best – physically, emotionally and mentally.


About Jon Bockelmann-Evans

About Kate Cook

Jon uses physiology, psychology and personal development to enhance emotional health and mindset, ensuring your workforce can ‘thrive’ not simply ‘survive’. He developed his own techniques to overcome the darkness of a personal cancer diagnosis, and now helps high achievers avoid burnout, instilling confidence and success instead.

Kate offers an unbeatable combination: science-backed expertise matched with brilliantly engaging delivery to inspire your staff. She is a top UK wellness and nutrition specialist: founder and director of Harley Street clinic The Nutrition Coach, international keynote speaker and author of seven books.

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